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Animalliance fait peau neuve, restez connectés !

we build the future of scientific research

Animalliance offer a range of services to the research community dedicated to the in Vivo and in Vitro fields: Facility management and consultancy. We let you focus on what matters to you, we take care of the rest.

Whether you need expertise in the design of a biomedical lab or a complete Insourcing solution to manage your facility, Animalliance offer professional and highly qualified staff to meet and exceed your expectations.

A complete solution to the in vivo & in vitro research

Integrated services

Facility Management

Biomedical facility management

Efficiency, reactivity and flexibility


Setting up scientific projects

Technical and scientific support



Support and coaching for end users

mise en oeuvre projets scientifiques

Veterinarian services

The 3R's at the heart of our work

With a true passion of details and quality, Animalliance have the ambition to provide the best services to their customers and the best support to for them to undertake their in vivo & in vitro research.


15 years of experience

N°1 within the biomedical facility management in France

Over 140 Employees

your partner to combine work ethic and research

The 3Rs are deeply connected to the quality of your work and results, therefore it is a high priority for us and our team is trained for that matter – Animalliance went ahead and created a sister company: Animaform for that matter. Animaform offer high quality training to all levels, to our staff but also to you and your team.

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